Tooth whitening kit specifically developed for cosmetics professionals. The case includes triple-action Oh! White® professional gels.

List of gels:

  • 1 x Accelerator Pro Gel (1): prepares tooth surface.
  • 1 x Photoactive Pro Gel (2): formula for tooth whitening.
The Photo-Active® effect is achieved by using the professional Oh! White LED cold lamps (models Prowhite and Megawhite), getting an increased photocatalyst reaction that recovers the natural shade and brightness of the tooth. Removes extrinsic stains produced by tannins contained in tea, coffee, tobacco and wine. Prevents simultaneously dental plaque and tartar buildup.

Follow the operating instructions carefully to achieve maximum performance of the Whitening Light Pro + kit.

After treatment, refrain from smoking and eating stain-producing foods or drinks for 4 hours.

Whitening Light Pro + is contraindicated in minors, pregnant and breastfeeding women.