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Professional tooth whitening,
cosmetic tooth whitening – clinical tooth whitening

Oh!White®, a Spanish manufacturer specialising in cosmetic, cosmeceutical and healthcare products for tooth whitening with 4 main areas of activity centred on Research, Development and Innovation, Manufacture and the subsequent International Marketing of innovative oral hygiene products in the Tooth Whitening specialty.

Oh!White® boasts one of the most extensive portfolios specialising in Tooth Whitening and is internationally renowned. Its products are a symbol and guarantee of quality and can be found in 9 countries. Since its launch, the company has pioneered technological innovation in the oral health field, offering a more effective and safer solution for consumers who require these types of products.

Discover a wide range of cosmetic, cosmeceutical and healthcare
tooth whitening products made in Barcelona (Spain)

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Professional Tooth Whitening

How are teeth whitened using the Oh!White® PROFESSIONAL whitening system?

Oh!White® offers the latest innovation in Tooth Whitening for Professionals in the Beauty and Cosmetic Industries thanks to its < 0,1 % Hydrogen Peroxyde formula combined with the latest LED technology. 

Find out about the latest news in dental cosmetics and tooth whitening products aimed at professionals from various sectors, such as: beauty salons, hotels, spas, gyms, hairdressing salons, nail bars, pharmacies, parapharmacies, cosmetic medicine centres, dental clinics, nutrition clinics and the self-employed, among others.

Offer your clients the chance to show off whiter teeth and a nicer smile in just a few minutes.

Include tooth whitening in your business or activity and offer the latest in tooth whitening treatments.

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Tooth Whitening at Home
Dental Cosmeceuticals in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy

How can teeth be whitened at home?

Do you have stains on your teeth and don’t know how to get rid of them? Would you like to have a new, whiter smile in a matter of minutes?

If you want whiter teeth and to get rid stains for a whiter, nicer smile, choose Oh!White® cosmeceutical products for tooth whitening at home.

Its new launch in home tooth whitening products, DentalTech+ effectively removes stains from teeth and diminishes the discolouration of yellow teeth to give whiter, brighter teeth easily and quickly in your own home.

To whiten your teeth at home, you can use DentalTech+ while you read a book, watch TV or do housework and you will show off a whiter, brighter smile without leaving your home in just 3 easy steps.

If you want to extend the whitening effects of the Tooth Whitening, the whitening treatment can be combined with home maintenance products.

Look for them in your local pharmacy!

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LED tooth whitening lamps

LED tooth whitening Cold LED light technology

Find the best technology in LED tooth whitening lamps.

The cold LED light technology of the Oh!White® tooth whitening accelerator lights ensures even, uniform tooth whitening in combination with the Oh!White® tooth whitening products.

The Oh!White® tooth whitening lamps use blue LED and the emission of its cold LED light (wave length 420 – 490m and power 6000mw/cm2) provide optimal tooth whitening and correct photoactivation of the Oh!White® whitening gel.

The results of LED tooth whitening using the Oh!White® tooth whitening lamps give visible results with a high degree of satisfaction among users.



Oh!White® Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a new, fast and easy cosmetic dental technique to whiten stains on teeth that darken the original colour of the enamel, reducing the natural brightness of your smile. However, whitening your teeth smile. However, whitening your teeth without.

This is now possible thanks to the new tooth whitening technique using the Oh!White® range of whitening products, a line of tooth whitening gels made in Barcelona (Spain) that whiten teeth quickly and effectively.

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Advantages of tooth whitening


Tooth whitening is a fast treatment with visible results in just 30 minutes.


The tooth whitening treatment with the Oh!White® Home Care, Oh!White® Professional and Oh!White® Clinical whitening gel is virtually painless in most users. Unlike other tooth whitening products for cosmetic tooth whitening, this whitening gel causes almost no tooth sensitivity in users.


After a tooth whitening session with Oh!White®, tooth stains disappear and users show off a new smile with whiter, nicer teeth. The formula of the Oh!White® whitening gel, combined with technology of the Oh!White® LED lamp reduces the discolouration of the enamel by 4 shades in just one session according to Vita® Tooth Scale.


Whitening teeth with the Oh!White®, tooth whitening technique is a 100% aesthetic dental procedure so you can benefit from this new service at specialist centres offering Oh!White® whitening products for 100% professional tooth whitening.